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Trend Hunter performance in Forex, Cryptocurrency, and Commodities.

1,371,589 pip Profit since 2015.
               = 182,878 pip/year
               = 15,240 pip/month

The Trend Hunter Strategy is the most successful and simple trading strategy in the world of Forex, Crypto, Commodity, and Stocks.

As can be seen in the chart below, this strategy has been profitable for more than 1.000.000 pips since the beginning of 2015 and is certainly the most profitable strategy for financial markets with a clear, documented, and accurate history.

  • The performance of our Forecasts is clear because you can easily check long-term forecasts yourself!
  • The performance of our forecasts is documented and provable because its multi-year image archive is at your disposal!
  • The performance of our forecasts is confirmed by 22257 subscribers from 206 countries! People LOVE ForecastCity!
  • The performance of our forecasts can be easily seen in your MetaTrader because you can download the MetaTrader Template!
  • The performance of our forecasts is very accurate because it is automatically updated by very advanced software!
  • The performance of our forecasts is online and fast because it is automatically informed by very advanced software!
  • You can also check the performance of our future forecasts for free because every day, One or Two new forecasts will be provided to you for free!


How much profit did we make on Gold, silver, Oil, and Cryptocurrencies? Click Commodities and Cryptocurrencies in the chart below.

Tabbed Weekly Performance


Long-term forecasts

Long-term forecasts can be easily examined.
Considering that these forecasts are long-term in nature, entering into trades may take weeks, or it may take weeks or months to reach the targets. Therefore you can easily follow them and check the profit or losses results yourself.


Image Archive

The image archive is solid proof of the results.

We are proud to be the only provider of forecast that has made all of its forecast image archives available to the public since 2012.

All history before entering the transaction, when entering and after in any currency, is automatically archived on the website as an image of the chart.


People LOVE ForecastCity!
22257 subscribers from 206 countries are our subscribers this month

Just look at the chart of the number of our monthly subscribers in this link to see the satisfaction of our subscribers.

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MetaTrader Template Archive

The MetaTrader Template shows all of our technical analysis and trades on your chart since 2012.

All weekly forecasts, in addition to the image and detailed technical description, also include the Template of Metatrader software. You can download it to put all the technical lines drawn on your MetaTrader chart. Thus, there is no need to redraw these lines and you will save a lot of time. In addition, these templates include all the trading opportunities of past forecasts and their performances, so you can clearly see our trading performance on your chart.

Below the image of each forecast, there is a key to download. After downloading the CAB file, decompress it and load it in your daily MetaTrader time frame (D1) with "Load Template".


Software and automatic updates

Software and automatic updates eliminate human errors or interference in manipulating performance.

All our trades and their performances in the trend-hunting strategy are automatically published on every week.

The strategy has benefited millions of Pips since 2007, but website charts are limited to forecasts from 2015 onwards, carefully monitored by the website's software.


The automatic notification

The website's advanced software monitors all our trades and automatically announces its notification by Twitter, Telegram, and Google Notifications whenever a trade is closed with a loss or reaches its profit targets.


Free Forecasts

Every day, one or two forecasts are free in our weekly forecast list, and the word "Free" is written next to their name.

Free forecasts give you a great opportunity to track them in the live market and become more familiar with the "Trend Hunter" strategy.

We invite you to follow our forecasts and performance for free in the coming weeks and months to clearly see the power of the "Trend Hunter" strategy and its tremendous profitability.