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9. Does the broker have PAMM investing management service?

PAMM investing management service gives you the possibility of investing easily in succeeding accounts managers. In fact, PAMM is software produced for simplifying and quickening the investing process and automatic receiving of the resulted profit in the ratio of investors’ capital.

In the other investing management methods, the capital manager should trade in the investor’s trading accounts one by one and separately. As this makes these methods difficult, capital managers usually are only willing to manage accounts that contain large amounts of capital. But in the PAMM method, all amounts of capital collected are placed in one trading account. This makes the capital managing operation much simpler as the manager trades using a joint account. This also makes investing possible for small investors.

The other important advantages of PAMM are:

  • Simplicity in selecting capital manager: you can easily select the most successful capital manager with the best investing conditions by looking at the list of all capital managers and picking the one who has the most profitable trades.
  • Quickness in settling and withdrawing: you can give a portion of your capital to a capital manager or withdraw it just by some clicks.
  • Security in investing: the amount of capital given to the capital manager is not cashable by him but just as a credit for trading.
  • Automatic dividing of profit: the profit of capital manager trading is divided automatically among investors in the ratio of their capital after deduction of the capital manager’s commission at the final stage of the investing period.

This software has been used by many investors and capital managers in many countries since 2010. Many pioneer brokers have been able to attract the attention of an important group of investors by presenting PAMM or similar kinds of software.

You can also think about investing in one or several PAMM account in addition to your own trades. You can learn successful trading styles and strategies of the market by observing the trading of capital managers simultaneously, whilst receiving the profit from your investing. So, it is better to select a broker who offers you PAMM investing management service.