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The period of intraday forecasts validity

The valid period of intraday forecasts is about 24 hours; just up to the closing time of the daily candle!

The meaning of this valid period is the time duration within which we wait for the price to enter into the entrance area so our trades will open. By the time of opening trades, we arrange the points of getting profit and stopping loss, we have no other work to do than waiting to see how our trades will close in the future days; with profit or with loss!


However, be cautious if the price comes into the entrance area and then reaches the first point of getting profit. It means that the forecasted wave will be successful for this trade, but the forecast does not work more and will not be used for any other entering. In the other word, if the price reverses again and enters into the entrance area you should not do any new trade!


It is a great honor that the Forecast City’s intraday forecasts are so accurate and analytically powerful that everybody can use them for their trades up to 24 hours. Twenty-four (24) hours is a very long time and it is very rare for international forecasters and those who present trading signals to provide forecasts for this long of a period. In some credible websites that present trading forecasts, the period of intraday forecasts validity is at most a few hours and many of other websites can not essentially give any forecasts and present only the trading signals on the time of trading. Such web sites force you to make a decision quickly, without any analysis or thinking logically about the probable trading opportunities. Also, in such cases you may have only three numbers for trading; entrance point, TP and SL, without any charts or scientific analysis. So your knowledge and experience will never improve.

On the other hand, such accuracy and high analytic power make it possible to use pending orders even in good situations.