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Getting Started: 6 Steps to Success

We are delighted you have joined the big family of ForecastCity!

From now on, you can start a new era in your financial life with us.

Please, and please read the following guidelines carefully and patiently.
The blue words and sentences are links to the tutorial pages of the website. First, you need to read this page thoroughly. By spending enough time, you can gradually learn to use all the content, facilities, and tools. 


First of all: Learn More, Earn More

"Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do."
Warren Buffett

First, invest in yourself.

Learn this job so that you can be the best investor forever.

Like many other professions in the world, investing and trading requires years of knowledge and experience The good news is that we are shortening the long path of acquiring knowledge for you. We use only 20% of the science of technical analysis, which has an 80% chance of success. So, it is enough to learn only this part of analytics to succeed.

In addition to the tutorials and strategies you see below,  we continually add more educational articles to our website "Learn More Earn More" section.

Second: Trend Hunter Strategy

"One of the common mistakes of inexperienced traders is not having a long-term strategy. They catch kilka fish instead of whales!"
Navid Jafarian

Like professionals, learn to look for colossal market profits.

The Trend Hunter Strategy shows you  how to hunt whales in the Forex, Crypto markets easily!

Trend Hunter Strategy is the strongest and most reliable financial market strategy that produces maximum profitability with minimum risk.
Our weekly forecasts based on the Trend Hunter Strategy are published every Saturday and Sunday for the following charts in your dashboard and  the latest weekly forecasts page.
At this link, you can see the performance of these forecasts from 2015 until now.

Third: Daily Trading Opportunities

"Trading in daily time frames is like driving on a highway. You will reach your destination quickly, calmly, with pleasure and security."
Navid Jafarian

Learn how to drive on the daily-time-frame highway.

Daily Trading Opportunity (DTO) is a car that you can learn to drive easily and quickly.
This service is provided by 4CastMachine artificial intelligence (AI) software which helps you in the following cases:
  • Discover opportunities to enter the market with the PeakValleyHammer and Shooting Star, and Long Candle patterns.
  • By calculating the strength and success probability of the patterns, this service helps you have a suitable investment based on the success probability of technical patterns.
  • Calculate and display the most reliable support and resistance lines.
  • Calculating the strength of the market trend, it helps you choose the right strategy for the range-bound or trend market.

Daily Trading Opportunities are published after the New York Daily Candle closing, for 28 Forex Pairs, in your dashboard, and on the Latest Daily Trading Opportunities page.

Fourth: Intraday Forecasts

"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."
Lau Tzu

Instead of thinking about receiving intraday trading signals, focus on learning to analyze and forecast the market. And learn to make decisions about your trades.
Our analysis and forecast teams prepare their forecasts for our trading teams. The same forecasts are published simultaneously on the website and Metatrader by the ForecastCity website team. So just as our trading teams use these forecasts for their trades, you can use them too, and gradually learn to make your own forecasts.
Our intraday forecasts are published for 9 Forex Pairs (in your dashboard and on the latest intraday forecasts page), around New York Daily Candle’s closing time.
These forecasts are also displayed in your MetaTrader software automatically.
To use this feature, download and install our indicator.
In the ForecastCity website, our ultimate goal is for you to catch fish with us. We try to show you the principles of fishing in practice.

Fifth: Emotions and strategies

"If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money."
Warren Buffett

Learn to be patient and not to rush!

Successful investing is precisely like fishing; it requires much patience.
You may have to wait for weeks to catch whales of the markets with the Trend Hunter Strategy.
And for several days, there may be no daily trading opportunities with a high probability of success.
You may have to wait for hours for a good Intraday trade.
We must even learn to overcome our greed, and sometimes the best trade is no trade.
  • If you are new to the world of financial markets or have little experience controlling your emotions, think about using the Trend Hunter Strategy and daily trading opportunities (DTO). At first, you need to learn how to hunt whales and how to drive on the highway. With these strategies, you get the maximum benefit with the least pressure and stress.
  • Intraday trading and trading in one-hour or lower time frames, are by no means suitable for you. Intraday trading is less profitable; their chance of success is meager. And they are highly stressful.
  • But for professionals, intraday forecasts are profitable and beneficial. The suggested intraday direction, the reversed direction, support and resistance lines, Fibonacci, will save you time, and will help you to boost your confidence in trading.
If you are a professional, by looking at the intraday forecasts, you have a professional team by your side, and you will no longer feel alone.

Sixth: Experience

"Gaining proficiency is the same in trading as in any other profession – it requires experience, and experience takes time."
Mark D. Cook

You are in charge of gaining experience and controlling your emotions. Only you can recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Enhance your strengths and remove your weaknesses. 

As mentioned earlier, we use only 20% of technical analysis science with more than 80% chance of success.

So, you no longer need to learn and experience 80% of this science. We have filtered it for you. You will save 80% of the time and effort you have to spend on gaining experience with us. But still, the time spent cannot be less than a year since you have to fish in different seasons and different waves of the market to gain the necessary experiences.

In the range-bound market, the sea is motionless, and in the trend market, the wave height increases.
With the release of some news or events, the sea gets stormy.
So, it would be best if you gain experience in different situations.