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The market secrets you've been craving are finally here! Our brand-new forecasts for 16 major indices like Dow Jones, S&P 500, and USDx are live now! Get ahead of the curve..

Major Stock & Currency indices just launched!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new indices forecasting service!

8 Currency indices and 8 Stock indices were added to our forecasts!

Forecasts of these indices are presented in all Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and Intraday timeframes.

All these forecasts are generated by 4CastMachine artificial intelligence
and displayed in your MetaTrader by Forecast Follow software.
In addition, weekly forecasts are also published on the site.

surprise Free forecasts for one week! Don't miss out - view them now in your Dashboard.

Stock Indices Currency Indices
S&P 500 (SPX 500) USDx
Dow Jones (US 30) EURx
Nasdaq (NAS 100) GBPx
Nikkei (JPN 225) JPYx
FTSE (UK 100) AUDx
S&P ASX (AUS 200) NZDx
Euro Stoxx (EUSTX 50) CHFx
CAC 40 (FRA 40) CADx

In addition to your Dashboard, you can see these forecasts on the Latest Weekly Forecasts page.

Major Stock & Currency indices just launched!



Free for 1 week

Free for one week

To welcome the new weekly forecasts, they will be promoted free for one week until the 31st of January.


Non-Stop Profit

More Charts = More Profit

More Charts = More Profit

The more charts you have, the more profitable opportunities you can reveal.

More Charts = Less Risk

More Charts = Less Risk

With more diversification, you can also reduce the risk. Professional traders usually invest in different securities to carry less risk and avoid the volatility of financial markets.


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Trend Hunter Performance

“Weekly Forecasts” and technical analysis have been published for 36 Forex pairs, 5 Commodities, and 175 CryptoCurrency pairs.

Due to the great performance of the weekly forecasts, subscribers’ interest has been much more than expected. Weekly forecasts provide the possibility of gaining big profits by identifying the big trends' beginning, ending, and continuation.
Check Weekly forecast performance here