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The entrance area of main direction

Entrance area is an estimate of the thickness of S1 and/or R1 areas, considering the main direction of intraday forecast.
It is expected that by entering the corrective wave into the entrance area, this area prevents extension of corrective movement and a main and stronger wave starts on the anticipated direction.
The thickness of this area is different based on the various types of technical factors on the different days and in different charts too.


Although the best entrance point is S1 and/or R1 lines, in many days the price would possibly starts its main wave without a touch of these lines, even occasionally with some pips difference. Therefore, depending on only one point for investing is not correct and it causes to lose many of profitable trading opportunities.
On the other hand, considering that the entrance point is the third priority among the elements of making a decision for trading, there is no need to be too cautious for calculating it and we can open the trade from each part of the Reward/ Risk area allows.


However our suggested entrance area catches the price in many days, there are some days that the price starts its main wave and gains the suggested aims without entering into this area. So, can we enter without paying attention to the entrance area? The answer is definitely NO. For the Reward/Risk relation allows us to trade only in the entrance area. If you want continuously earn money knowingly from financial markets, certainly you should respect probabilities and mathematics laws of it and accomplish them without any hesitation. So, if the price moves towards the aims without being caught in our trap and gets them, we should accept that we could not hunt the chart today!