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The Principles of Intraday Forecasts

First, we forecast the direction of the strongest action for tomorrow based on the "main rules of trading in financial market" and by considering the analysis of upper time frames, "Weekly Forecast" and "Daily Trading Opportunitie (DTO)". Then, considering the strength of the trend, we try to find supports and resistances to specifically determine the entrance and exit points.
Intraday Forecasts cover all parts of a perfect trading strategy and consist of direction, entrance area, the points of getting profit and stopping loss.

Example: The below analytic image of "this intraday forecast" is a simple example of forecasting which declares a rising direction by considering the direction of "this weekly forecast" and strength of the trend, and "this daily trading opportunity (DTO)".

In this image; the low price two (2) days ago (1.3005) (S1) is suggested as the best entrance point. The lines of R1, R2 and R3 are also treated as getting profit points. As you can see, with just a little knowledge about technical analysis, one can easily find all the technical reasons of all introduced support and resistance points in the image!


Be careful, according to "main rules of trading in financial market" you have to check "Weekly Forecasts" and "Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO)" first. Therefore you are only allowed to trade for some of intraday forecasts!

however; many of our users ask intraday forecasts for other charts to get help for their own strategies. For this reason, Forecast City promises to present its forecasts for all charts (at this moment, 9 pair currency) every day, although some of them may not be in an ideal situation for trading!