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Release Time of Daily Trading Opportunities

Daily Trading Opportunities are released each market day within the standard daily candle close time frame, around 09:00 PM UTC/GMT (corresponding to the closing time of the New York session at 05:00 PM Eastern Time). This means that you have forecasts for trading opportunities for the next trading day as it begins!

This special time is very important, and most professional traders in the international exchange markets utilize it to make important decisions. Additionally, this time is used for many important long-term strategies.

This time is one of the best times for all traders to make decisions. This is because the result of today's war between buyers and sellers becomes clear by the end of the trading day. If one side wins by a large margin, then tomorrow's market will also belong to it unless the release of some economic news tips the balance of power (thus changing the direction of the market).

The ForecastCity releasing time of the Daily Trading Opportunity is one of the best times for traders who work in the financial markets as a second job or are studying or engaging in any other work during the official time of their country. This time is the off time in all countries. The workday is finished in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA; in Oceania and eastern Asia, it has not started yet.

As a result, during such a perfect time, you need just a few free minutes to see the chart of the best trading opportunities for tomorrow.

Also, Monday’s trading opportunities are released by Friday's market closing time. So, you will have two days to study them and compare them with your own analysis.


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