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Which brokers support cryptocurrencies?

Most brokers today offer Cryptocurrencies for trading, but for Cryptocurrency tradings, it is better to use the brokers specialized in Cryptocurrencies.

The advantages of the brokers specialized in Cryptocurrencies:

  • Extraordinary variety in the number of currency pairs they offer
  • Low spreads (the difference between Ask and Bid rates)
  • Simplicity in opening an account
  • High security and high speed in money transactions

We recommend the Binance broker. Surely, Binance is the biggest, most economical, fastest, and most reputable broker in the Cryptocurrency world.
By opening an account in Binance, in addition to the exchange services, you will receive a world of various and unique services,
including loans, annual interest, investment portfolios, etc.

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In which brokers can Cryptocurrency be traded with "MetaTrader"?

All brokers that are on our list of trusted brokers provide Cryptocurrencies in the MetaTrader platform.

But the brokers who offer the MetaTrader platform usually provide a minimal number of Cryptocurrencies, almost 3 to 5 Cryptocurrencies. Of course, popular Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, and DashCoin are included.

On the other hand, the difference between Ask and Bid rates (spreads) in these brokers is more than that of the brokers specialized in Cryptocurrencies. Therefore, if you intend to trade or invest in Cryptocurrencies, it is better to use reputable Cryptocurrency brokers such as Binance.

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