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An introduction to the "Weekly Forecasts" service

Weekly Forecasts of ForecastCity is a service in which we forecast the beginning, ending, and resuming of short-term trends and provide you with a clear outlook of the future price and precise technical explanations.

These forecasts are based on the "Trend Hunter Strategy" and are prepared in a daily timeframe to show you the beginning zones of new trends. Considering that the short-term trends (in the daily timeframe) would continue for hundreds to thousands of pips if you enter into these trends on time, you will have the chance to record very profitable trades in your workbook.Do you know that selecting the best trading charts for the coming week is one of the most important secrets to the success of professional traders?
All the forecasts for this service are published once a week on Saturdays. In this way, you can easily and quickly monitor many charts in a shorter time and pick the best ones of them for your trades in the coming week.

In addition to the image of the analysis and precise technical explanations, all our weekly forecasts come with a MetaTrader Template that allows you to copy all the illustrated technical lines into the chart of your platform by downloading it. Therefore, it is unnecessary to define these lines again; it will save you time.
Additionally, these templates consist of all trading opportunities of previous forecasts and their results so that you can see weekly forecast performance on your chart.

Although our weekly forecasts are based on the "Trend Hunter Strategy," every trader with any strategy wishes to know the price direction in the coming days and weeks. So:

  • If you earn a permanent profit on your strategy and are satisfied, you can maximize it using our weekly forecasts.
  • If your trading strategy is profitable but stressful and makes you tired mentally and psychologically, using our weekly forecasts will relieve this stress by clearing price direction in the coming days and weeks.
  • If you haven't still earned a reasonable profit from financial markets and experienced profit sometimes and sometimes loss, this indicates that you have not selected a proper strategy. We suggest the "Trend Hunter Strategy" with the help of the weekly forecasts service.
  • If you have been only losing in this market, then you need to rest, be refreshed, and obtain practical training. But before those, watching our weekly forecasts performance will open your eyes to a new world you have never experienced.Do you know why trend-based strategies are the most popular and favorite?
  • If you've not still opened a real account, be happy that at least you haven't experienced significant stress and loss too, you do not need weekly forecasts service right now, and you only must complete your learning to practice it in a demo account for months and to prepare yourself for entering into the world of professionals.

Considering that it has been several years since this service was launched and the archive of all previous forecasts is also publicly available, there are countless examples for learning the "Trend Hunter Strategy." Therefore, this possibility is beneficial and instructive, particularly for new learners.