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An introduction to “Weekly Forecasts” service

Weekly Forecasts of Forecast City is a service that gives you our predictions about starting, finishing and resuming of short term trends. Additionally, it shows a clear forecast of prices in the future with our precise technical explanations.

These forecasts are based on “Trend Hunter Strategy” and are prepared in a daily frame that shows you the new starting limitations. Considering that the short term trends (in daily frame) move hundreds to thousands pip, if you enter into these trends in a timely manner you will have a good opportunity to add very profitable trades to your record.Do you know selecting the best trading charts for the next week is one of the most important secrets of professional traders?
All of the forecasts of this service are presented weekly on every Saturday. In this way, you can easily and quickly monitor several charts in a very short time and select the best ones among them for your trading in the following week.

All of our weekly forecasts include images and exact technical explanations in addition to MetaTrader Template, and you can put all of the illustrated lines in your own software graph by downloading it. Therefore, there is no need to illustrate these lines again and you can thus save considerable time.
Additionally, this template consists of all past trading opportunities forecasts and their results. So you can clearly see our weekly forecasts record on your own graph.

Although our weekly forecasts are based on “Trend Hunter Strategy,” knowing the price direction in the next days and weeks is the wish of every trader with any kind of strategy. So:

  • If you earn permanent profit on your personal strategy and are satisfied, you can maximize it by using our weekly forecasts.
  • If your trading strategy is profitable but stressful and makes you tired mentally and psychologically, using our weekly forecasts will relieve this stress by clearing price direction in the next days and weeks.
  • If you have not got a suitable profit from financial markets up to now and occasionally experienced profit and loss, then this indicates that you have not selected a true strategy. We suggest you use the “Trend Hunter Strategy” with our weekly forecasts service.
  • If you have just lost in this market until now, then you need to rest, to be refreshed and to obtain technical training. But before starting this training, observing our weekly forecasts record will familiarize you with a new world that you have not experienced yet.Do you know why the strategies based on the trend are the most popular and favorable strategies?
  • If you have not opened a real account up to now, be happy that you have not at least experienced great stress and loss. You do not need weekly forecasts service now. Your only duty is to complete your learning, to practice it in your demo account for months and to prepare yourself for entering in to the world of professionals.

Considering that it has been more than several years since this service has been introduced and that the archives of all past forecasts are available for all people, there are countless examples for learning the “Trend Hunter Strategy.” This possibility is very useful and instructive particularly for new learners.