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10 main points in selecting the best broker!

In the competitive world of international financial brokers each day we see an increase in the quality and speed of services, product variety, and decrease in the costs for their clients. But, if you’d like to open a real account today and start trading in the financial market, what are the main points should you know about selecting the best broker?

Here are some general points that relate to their authorizations, capacity of credit for investing and the quality of their services and support. But there are some key points that could seriously impact on your profit and loss depending on your strategy and trading style. Therefore, selecting an appropriate broker can play a very important role in your future career.

The most important questions you should ask when selecting a broker are:

  1. What kinds of authorizations from which countries does the broker have?
  2. What kinds of trading software does the broker offer?
  3. Does the broker have a quality up to date website with a support team in your native language?
  4. What is the quality and speed of support and connection methods to the broker?
  5. How much are your trading costs (spread, commission, and swap)?
  6. How much is the minimum initial capital, the minimum investment for each trade, and the maximum leverage?
  7. Which one of the financial markets is presented by the broker?
  8. What kinds of money transferring methods are supported by the broker?
  9. Does the broker have PAMM investing management service?
  10. Are trading limitations as Scalping, FIFO, and Hedging performed by the broker?