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What is Daily Trading Opportunities Service 

Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) service is a unique service of the super-advanced and intelligent 4CastMachine software.
This service shows you trading opportunities with a high probability of success for the next 24 hours.
DTO service also calculates the strength of trends numerically and sorts symbols based on their trend power on the latest DTO FOREX forecast page. 
Briefly, the Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) service is a unique service of 4CastMachine software. 
DTO helps with entering and exiting the market and investment amount, declares the strength and success odds of technical patterns and elements such as Hammer, Shooting star, Peak, Trough (Valley), Support, and Resistance.

DTO helps with entering the market

Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) service provides trading opportunities for entering the market.
Besides your trading strategy, discovering the great trading opportunities for the next 24 hours helps you save time analyzing the market and draws your attention toward the most profitable chart(s) with a high probability of success.

How do you use DTO to enter the market?

When, according to the weekly forecasts, the Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) service is used to enter trends based on the Trend-Hunter strategy, maximum profit with minimum risk is achieved.

DTO and technical patterns 

Hammer, Shooting star
Professional traders and analysts believe Hammer and Shooting star patterns are essential in technical analysis, and they trade by using them. 
Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) service does not just show you how to distinguish them (as the other sites or software do). Also, DTO declares the success odds of patterns by calculating their strength. 

DTO helps to choose a trading strategy

The technical pattern's strength is an index of success probability odds; by declaring the power of Hammer, Shooting star, Peak, and Trough (Valley), Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) service helps to choose a proper trading strategy
Traders know that despite the great variety of trading strategies, they are all divided into two groups;
1) Trading strategies based on the trend markets
2) Trading strategies based on the range-bound markets
The main reason many traders earn a small profit or even lose money is their inability to distinguish between these two states of the market.
Did you know that the amount you plan to invest is the most important factor to consider before entering a trade?
Did you know the probability of success for each trade is one of the most important factors to consider when determining the amount to invest?

DTO helps traders with the investment amount

Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) helps traders determine the investment amount for each one of the trades.
Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) allow traders to make decisions by selecting patterns with a high probability of success and help them to decide whether to increase or decrease the investment amount by considering the strength of technical patterns.
A trader can maximize profit and minimize the risk in a short time possible.
In other words, if the success probability of a trade increases, then it is logical to increase the amount invested. 
Unfortunately, many amateur traders do not know this simple and essential point and may be unable to calculate it. 
Use DTO even if you are an expert
If you are an expert trader and analyst. In that case, you may have been upset several times because you closed a hundred pip trade very soon, just with a small profit.
Also, you may have been upset because you missed closing an excellent profitable trade before the market changes the direction.

If you missed those profits, it is because of your lack of knowledge regarding the proper exit strategy. 

DTO helps with the exit strategy

The actual exit strategy depends and only depends on the market's trend or range-bound state!
But from now on, you can quickly diagnose the market's trend or range-bound state by observing the numerical strength of each chart, and you will make the maximum scientific profit. 
Therefore, Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) helps you find proper Entering/Exiting Strategies for each symbol.
DTO and support/resistance
Professional traders and analysts believe that support and resistance lines are not lines and are more accurate if we call them support and resistance areas.
But how much is their thickness, and where are their starting points? 
Support and Resistance lines are the strongest and the most applicable elements of technical analysis, and they play an essential role in all kinds of strategies, particularly those based on Range-Bound Strategies. 
But do you know that the strength of each of these lines is different? 
The stronger the line (area) is, the more probability of price reversing when touching the line.
With this short introduction, we are proud to announce for the first time, Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) service not only calculates the strongest point of a resistance/support area precisely but can show you its strength. 
Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) service calculates and declares the resistance/support area strongest point, by knowing the strength of ahead support and resistance lines helps to have more sound decisions for all kinds of trading strategies.
We provide Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) service regularly for 28 Forex pairs. And it fulfills your needs by calculating all complicated calculations and shows you the probability of success of each pattern.

All these distinguishing features are what makes Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO), a unique service in the world.
How to start using Daily Trading Opportunities (DTO) service?
Go to the main menu DTO and start reading all the pages in the submenu start reading with The Release Time.