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Username and Password is the same as those you use to login website, if you have forgotten username or password, please review FAQ to find out how to find your username or how to set a new password.

It is advised to set timezone of broker correctly to view true publish time of forecasts on the chart. Currently these timezones are supported:
EST(Eastern Standard Time), EET(Eastern European Time), CET(Central European Time), UTC (Universal Time), IRST(Iran Standard Time)
Make sure to type in time zone abbreviation in capital letters.
If time zone of your broker is not supported, you must type in manually the difference between time shown on the MT4 and universal time (UTC) in 'BrokerTimeZoneUTCOffset' field, measured in minutes.

Example: MT4 server time of brokers, 'FIBO Group' and 'Alpari', (at the time of preparing this guide) is on Eastern European Time (EET), this time zone is 2 hours ahead to universal time (UTC) in the standard time and it is 3 hours ahead in summer time. So, if your broker is one of them, you must type in 'EET' in this field, and another example, server time of SIG broker, is 3 hours ahead to UTC and there is no summer time, so, calculate this difference in minutes (in this example, 180 minutes) and type in this number in the next field. If server time of your broker is behind UTC, this value must be entered negative.
if any number other than 0 is in the field of Offset, field of Abbreviation will be ignored.

Please refer to introduction of intraday forecasts to get familiar with ATR (Average True Range) and how to set them.

Browse Forecast:
If you would like to browse newly published forecasts for additional details of technical analysis, automatically, switch this input to 'true'.

Type in 0 for English, 1 for French, 2 for Farsi.

You may enable or disable plotting any of following details on the chart:
Short-Term forecast, Entry and Exit zones, Publish time and texts.

Define your desired colors for supports, resistances and take profits, to customize how these levels are plotted on the chart.