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  1. Close MetaTrader if it is running.
  2. Find MetaTrader installaion folder, usually it is located in drive C under MetaTrader 4 folder, but its folder name may be the same as your broker.
  3. Copy indicator file in this path (experts\indicators) under your MetaTrader installation folder.
  4. Run MetaTrader.
  5. As indicator calls Windows and Internet Explorer library functions, so DLL imports must be allowed, It can be done in two ways:
    • Go to Tools menu and select Options. Select Expert Advisors tab and put a tick at Allow DLL imports and remove the tick at Confirm DLL function calls and click OK. In this way, any Expert, Script or Custom Indicator, which is inserted to charts afterwards, is allowed to call DLL functions, unless it is disallowed in its own properties. In this way, indicators previously inserted to the charts are not affected.

    • When inserting iIndicator to the chart, in Common tab of window put a tick at Allow DLL imports and click OK, in this way indicator will be allowed to import library functions in current chart only. You can also activate this window by Crtl+I or from Charts menu and selecting Indicator List, the click the indicator name in the list and selecting Edit.

  6. Insert indicator from Custom Indicators list to the charts of currently forecasted symbols, forecasts are shown only on H1 timeframe and less. You can also do it in two ways:
    • Insert indicator from the Navigator window then the list of Custom Indicators, If Navigator window is hidden, You can activate it by Ctrl+N or selecting Navigator from View menu.
    • Go to Insert menu, Indicators list and Custom list and select the indicator, it will be inserted to the current chart.
  7. For settings, please browse the Inputs pages in sidebar list.