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Methods of Releasing Intraday Forecasts

All clients can see intraday forecasts on Forecast City website or on their Meta Trader software.
Intraday forecast analytic images and some trading guides are presented on Forecast City’s website. In these images, you can see the main lines of support and resistance, the main direction, the important technical analytic lines such as trends, effective Fibonaccies, divergence and convergence lines, and the analytic indicator RSI.  The analytic image is not only instructive; it also shows many technical reasons for forecasts.

In addition, by using the Forecast City Intraday Indicator you can be aware of new forecasts right at the time of their presenting and then have all important information and lines on your Meta Trader software! On the other hand, you can also see the past forecasts on your chart all the times. Therefore, you will have a fast and beautiful report of these exact and efficient forecasts!