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Trend Hunter Strategy

The Trend Hunter strategy is the strongest and most trusted financial markets strategy that generates maximum profitability with minimal risk.

This strategy shows to the investors, where is the beginning of a trend, and at what price and when they should hunt and enter the trade, It also tracks if the trade is profitable enough in order to earn the maximum profit possible by that trend.

The “Trend Hunter Strategy’’ starts with a short-term trend in the market, and on the establishment of the medium or long term trends increases its value with the previous trades, so these investments can take up to weeks or month and if not years, to close.

This strategy is not bound to a specific market and it applies to all kinds of markets such as Stock, Forex, CryptoCurrency, Commodity, Index, etc, so, by learning it, you can enter into a world of trading and investment opportunities.

As its name shows, “Trend Hunter Strategy” is a profitable investment in the market and it uses almost all of the "Trade advantages in trends".

A lot of strategies use several indicators and confusing dummy methods, but trend hunter strategy shows you, how using only a raw chart and the price action in certain points in the market, you can have a guaranteed constant profit for your investment. (Using RSI or MA indicators is recommended, but not necessary).

One of our main priorities is to teach a simplified method of trades and to make sure our clients learn this strategy so they can make their own trades.

The Simplified Method of Trend Hunter Strategy:

In the simplified method, you can make a lot of profit even-though you might not be able to spend much time on the market, this strategy is also shown in "Weekly forecasts",  "DTO" and "Beginning of a Trend".

So, after entering a trade you wouldn't have to do anything for weeks and you will have your profit added to your account balance every month until the "Ending of Trend".

The simplified version of trend hunter strategy is absolutely free on this website, and you can have it in all forms_ see right-hand column right now!


Example: The graph at the side shows the Trend hunter strategy in the simplified version.

As you can see, both currencies ERU/JPY after entering the deal and organizing the points of receiving profit, there have been 10 deals within 5 months with maximum profit of 9355 (PIP) so far, and after announcing the "End of the UpTrend",  the trade had a profit of 3330(PIP) on its 11th trade (which was the last one).

Therefore, without spending much time on the graphs we were able to have a profit of 12685(PIP).