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An introduction to “Forecast City Academy”

It is a tough job to learn how to trade in the financial markets and to continuously obtain profit from it! But our goal is to simplify this for you.
There are many ideas, theories, and techniques in the technical analysis and forecasts skill that are not very successful in actual practice. There are, however, some special techniques you usually can trust and expect to obtain a decent profit from using them. Only a professional and successful trader who has done all of these strategies in the different circumstances of the market can tell you which one is more profitable and successful!

Forecast City, backed by years of experiences on the forecast and trade in the market and on the strength of its professional report, teaches you just the ones you need for being successful in this market and no more!

The Forecast City Academy consists of free training articles that just cover parts of technical analysis skills which are professionally applicable. In the other word, we do not waste your time with a large number of theoretical and mathematical concepts and indicators. 80% of subjects in other books and websites not only make you tired and waste your time but will make you have second thoughts at the time of trading. Many of these texts have been written by writers and not by real traders. Their aim is increasing the number of pages in their books (that is, the price of each book depends on the number of pages it has and its thickness!).

However, in order to learn everything one needs to know about trading, one first has to make a serious decision to start studying with a firm resolve to complete the program. Many beginners stop studying after they have had a profit using a demo account, and then they start trading unaware that they may lose their money sooner or later due to their lack of trading experience or due to market factors.

So, our first bit of advice is to learn how to trade correctly and accurately and then gain enough experience by working with the demo account. Do not be in a hurry to become a rich person (or lose your money)!If you like to gain knowledge and not wealth, then you can find countless websites via Google searches. However, our advice to lovers of knowledge is to look at the website, The difference is that at least on this site, you are less likely to find incorrect or invalid advice. But, many of the other sites or books are full of self-serving texts and words of people who claim they know secrets! The number of subjects covered on, like any other encyclopedia, is enough to keep lovers of knowledge busy for years.

If you are just beginning to become familiar with financial markets, be glad that you are choosing the correct way; you will trade professionally very soon. But, do not forget that becoming a professional in this market is just like becoming a professional in the fields of art or sport. An art teacher or a sports coach teaches you the main subjects and techniques, however; getting experience and mastery by practicing a lot is what makes you a professional in such fields.
You will learn our training subjects in the next one or two months, but for observing and understanding different occasions of the market and being a master of learned techniques, you need to practice continuously. Although the time necessary for practice (based on our training principals) is one year, it can be much more or less considering the talent or the psychological makeup of different people.

If you know the financial markets, but have not made profitable trades up to now, then, unfortunately, your way is more difficult than others. You must first forget all the things you have learned (and it is not an easy task to do this), and then you should start studying with us.

Our other services like Weekly Forecasts, Daily Trading Opportunities, and Intraday Forecasts are the best ones to help you increase your learning speed and practice in the real world. Although you can also use them after being a professional, remember that we do not want to give you a fish, but rather we want to teach you to fish. In fact, we teach you the best and the most successful trading techniques, but it is you who ultimately finds your own strategy and use it.