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Broker Comparison

By this application, you can compare up to 5 brokers in 3 easy steps:

1Find details on each broker by clicking on the logo.
Then simply click on "Add to compare" or "Remove from comparison" if already added and no longer being compared.
A table containing selected brokers for comparison will appear on the right sidebar of comparison page, simply remove brokers off the list, if no more comparison is intended on a specific broker.

2When you are finished selecting brokers to compare, click on the "Compare selected".
A comparison table will be displayed in details, here you can also remove undesired brokers off the list, to find the best broker who fits your requirements.
You can also clear the list, in order to start a fresh comparison.

3Now, you can decide which broker to choose, just click on its URL and follow the instruction on brokers' website to open an account.