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AUDNZD may begin an uptrend?.

AUD/NZD to start an uptrend AUD/NZD rate is around its historical support, the one that recently pushed the price up to as high as 1.0765 last time on 2016-07-19 from 1.0305 on 2016-07-08.

Again, the price has touched the support zone from 1.0205 to 1.0340 on 2016-09-02 and this time we expect more gains for the symbol after finding signs of a reversal in price chart. For more detailed technical analysis click here (It's free)...

Weekly forecasts welcome AUD/NZD

We are happy to inform you that our weekly forecasts has a new member, AUD/NZD from this week on. Weekly forecasts of this currency pair will be published free of charge for this month.

The total count of currency pairs being published in a weekly bias is now increased to 23 currency pairs. Our struggle to expand our services to cover a wider range of financial instruments will continue.

Trend Hunter Strategy

These forecasts are based on Trend Hunter Strategy, and will provide you the possibility of gaining big profits by identifying beginning, ending and continuation of price trends.

Total profit of Simple Trend Hunter Strategy has been 410,000 pips up to this week since beginning of the year 2015. To see details about this profit, please visit the page “Weekly forecasts performance” For more information, feel free to contact our support.

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Download and apply MT4 template

Each weekly forecasts comes with a downloadable template for MT4 platform, download and decompress it, then load it on the chart to find out technical analysis and important levels for the instrument.

Don't miss the opportunity

Our Daily-Trading-Opportunity service is being updated every day and will show the strength of each currency pair and more useful technical information. Follow the service and don't miss the opportunity to enter the market when AUD/NZD starts its trend.