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Trend Hunter Performance on NZDUSD: 4,175 PIPs in 23 days.

“The Kiwi” continues Down Trend and hit its 4th target at 0.6950 (on 3/8/2017), our subscribers could easily get all those targets!

Trade setup

We expected a downtrend while the price was in the forecasted resistance zone (0.7310 to 0.7485).

After a Shooting Star appeared (on 2/7/2017), it was enough for us to enter the market, we placed 13 Sells at 0.7301 (Daily candle close price).

The trend, until now, has hit the 4th target with the total profit of 4,175 pip:

Closed Profit: 764 pip

  • TP1 @ 0.7260 touched at 2017.02.08 with 41 pip Profit.
  • TP2 @ 0.7175 touched at 2017.02.09 with 126 pip Profit.
  • TP3 @ 0.7055 touched at 2017.03.02 with 246 pip Profit.
  • TP4 @ 0.6950 touched at 2017.03.08 with 351 pip Profit.

Open Profit: 3,411 pip

  • Profit for one trade is 0.7301(open price) - 0.6922(current price) = 379 pip
    9 trade(s) still open, therefore total profit for open trade(s) is 379 x 9 = 3,411 pip

There are still 8 targets to hit, so our subscribers expect more profit.

Trend Hunter Strategy

These trades are opened following our Trend Hunter Strategy, which provides us the opportunity of gaining big (even huge!) profits out of trends!

Weekly forecasts identify where big trends in price may begin, whether it is ending or continuing after consolidation

Total profit of Simple Trend Hunter Strategy is more than 423,000 pips (since January 2015). To see details about performance, please visit “Weekly forecasts performance”.

For more information, feel free to contact our support.

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