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More & More with NGAS (Natural Gas) and WTI (West Texas Intermediate Oil).

We adhere to our motto “None Stop, More & More features”. And we are happy to announce that NGAS (Natural Gas) and WTI (West Texas Intermediate Oil) are added to the "Weekly Forecasts".
These are the 4th and 5th commodities, followed in the Trend Hunter Strategy, along with Gold, Silver, and Brent Crude Oil.

Turkish Lira Currency War



More & More Features GBP/NZD Added



Free for 1 month

Free for 1 month

To appreciate the unrivaled welcome of the users to the new forecasts, the "Weekly Forecasts" of NGAS (Natural Gas) and WTI (West Texas Intermediate Oil) will be published for free, for 1 month.


Non-Stop Profit

More Charts = More Profit

More Charts = More Profit

The more the charts you have, the more profitable opportunities could be revealed.

More Charts = Less Risk

More Charts = Less Risk

With the more diversification, the risk could be reduced.
Professional traders usually invest in different securities to carry less risk and avoid the volatility of the financial markets.

The Performance of Trend Hunter Strategy

Trend Hunter Performance

Total profit of Simple Trend Hunter Strategy has been published and updated every week on the website.
To see details about this performance, please visit the page “Weekly forecasts performance”.

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