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Be ready for UK General Election.

12th of December

UK General Election

The upcoming UK General Election is the next twist in the Brexit progression discussions.
The vote counting will commence at 22:00 GMT on December 12th with the final result expected to be announced shortly after 02:00 on the 13th.
This is a chance for political parties to change the set up in the House of Commons, as well as affecting the future course of leaving the EU and the economic development of the United Kingdom.
What to expect
Volatility can be expected in the few days prior to the election as survey results are released, whilst there may be a lull in movement on the day in the run-up to the first counting stage.
Rapid price movement is likely to occur on UK-related assets as polling results are released, as well as in the aftermath of the result of the Election.
It is generally accepted that the majority of the ruling party, in this case, Conservatives, are favorably perceived in terms of lifting UK stocks and assets.
What to focus on
  • 14 GBP pairs
  • 25 shares of UK companies
  • UK Indices and FTSE100 futures