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More profitable weekly forecasts with the Singapore dollar (SGD).

Every trader knows how important is to have a collection of the most profitable pairs. What we offer in the "Weekly Forecasts" is just like a sweet dream. Every week, the weekly technical analysis for the most profitable pairs will be provided for you.

Singapore has a strong, stable and growing economy. As a result, there is no shocking economic news in Singapore, therefore, traders can make great profits from technical analysis.

It would be a big honor to announce that to grow the collection of the "Weekly Forecasts" the Singapore dollar (SGD) has been added to them.

Welcome to the new currency pairs, the Singapore dollar (SGD)

Please welcome to the new weekly forecasts, "AUDSGD" - "CHFSGD" - "EURSGD" - "GBPSGD" - "NZDSGD" - "SGDJPY" and "USDSGD" and celebrate one-month free access to them with us.



More profitable weekly forecasts with the Singapore dollar (SGD)


Free for 1 month

Free for 1 month

To welcome the new weekly forecasts, they will be promoted free for one month until 28nd of November.


Non-Stop Profit

More Charts = More Profit

More Charts = More Profit

The more charts you have, the more profitable opportunities you can reveal.

More Charts = Less Risk

More Charts = Less Risk

With more diversification, you can also reduce the risk. Professional traders usually invest in different securities to carry less risk and avoid the volatility of financial markets.

Check our diversified portfolio since 2015

Trend Hunter Performance

“Weekly Forecasts” and technical analysis have been published for 36 Forex pairs, 5 Commodities and for 14 CryptoCurrency pairs. All “Weekly Forecasts” include a downloadable template file for your MetaTrader platform.

Due to grate performance of the weekly forecasts, subscribers' interest has been much more than expected. Weekly forecasts provide the possibility of gaining big profits by identifying the beginning, ending and continuation of the price trends.
Weekly forecasts performance