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Happy New Year 2020.

New Year 2020 Up to 60% off

Thanks to you, 2019 was a very successful year for all of us. We were able to exceed our goals and expand our services to the subscribers because of the affection and desire for the progress of people like you.

It has been a pleasure helping our subscribers reach more than 75000 pips of profit just in Forex market during the last year.

Stay with us in 2020, as more progress and developments in ForecastCity's services and software have been considered for your maximum benefit.

We are grateful for good subscribers like you, who make our work satisfying and enjoyable. So, wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness and to celebrate the beginning of 2020, we offer up to 60% discount.

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* This offer is limited and expires on January 5.

May new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations comes to your life in 2020. 

What happens to my current subscription and unused days if I purchase a subscription using this offer?

If you have an existing paid subscription, the purchased period will be added to it.

For example: If you have 23 unused days and you purchase semiannual plan, your new unused days will be 180 + 23 = 203 days.