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Ending of trend for Trend Hunter Strategy

In Trend Hunter Strategy, ending of trend is when "Beginning of trend" with opposite direction of current trend is announced.

In this strategy, "last take profit point" is usually at the price which trend is not considered to pass over easily, in other words "last take profit point" in the current trend, is usually considered as ending point of trend. Hence when price approaches the "last take profit point", probability of "Ending of current trend" and "Beginning of reversal trend" will increase. But sometimes, reversal trend begins before reaching to this point or current trend passes over the point and still continues.

When ending of trend (Beginning of trend in opposite direction) is announced, we close all "Open trades" from previous trend, manually. Our open trades in this situation, include "free trade" (Soft TP) and those their take-profit is not reached yet (Hard TP).

In brief, every week, we review "Latest weekly forecasts" and if probability of new "Beginning of trend" with new Entry zone, in opposite direction to the present trend, is announced, we close all trades belonging to previous trend.


At 2013-11-07 when a Hammer was formed in the buy zone, we entered the market by seven orders with specified take-profit (Hard TP) and a free trade (Soft TP), all buy trades.
Five of them were closed until 2013-12-17 when price reached their take-profit with the total profit of 3,315 pips.

But at 2013-17-21, weekly forecast with probable beginning of downtrend was announced. In other words, there were no hope for continuation of previous trend and that trend might have been ended. So we closed 6th and 7th trades which their take-profit was not reached yet, and also free trade. These three trades generated a total profit of 3,369 pips too.

As seen in the picture, open trades, were closed at a very good time and price. Forecasted sell zone also prevented the price against more gains beautifully and finally forecasted downtrend began.