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An introduction to “Daily Trading Opportunities” service

Did you know the amount you plan to invest is the most important factor you should consider before entering into a trade?
And did you know the probability of success for each trade is one of the most important factors to consider when determining what amount to invest?
In other words, if the success probability of a trade increases, then it is logical to increase the amount invested. Unfortunately, many amateur traders do not know this simple and very important point and/or can not calculate it. Daily Trading Opportunities service fulfills your need of calculating all these very complicated calculations and gives you an index of each model success probability.
4CastMachine calculate strength of Hammer, Shooting Star, Trough(Valley)/Peak patterns and it is an index of success probability for each pattern.

Daily Trading Opportunities of "Forecast City" is a unique service of the super-advanced and intelligent 4CastMachine software.
This service not only shows you trading opportunities with the high probability of success for the next 24 hours, but it also calculates the strength of all trends for all charts numerically and sorts them based on their power.

4CastMachine discovers trading opportunities for entering the market.
Aside from your trading strategy, discovering the great trading opportunities for the next 24 hours helps you save time for analyzing the market and also draws your attention towards the most profitable chart(s) with the high probability of success.
But surely, the highest profitability with the lowest risk would be achieved when using Daily Trading Opportunities based on Weekly Forecasts for Entering to Trends with Trend Hunter Strategy.

All of the professional traders believe on Hammer and Shooting Star patterns and trade with them, but Daily Trading Opportunities does not just show you how to distinguish them (as the other sites or software do), rather it also calculates the strength of them. This is precisely what makes 4CastMachine something unique in the world. This strength is an index of success probability of Hammer and Shooting Star, Peak and Trough (Valley) patterns. Do you know there are only 2 types of strategies for trading?
The strategies based on the trend and the ones based on the range-bound markets.
And do you know lack of ability to distinguish these 2 states of the market and using improper strategy is the main reason many traders earn a paltry amount of profit or even lose money?
Therefore, by selecting the patterns with a high probability of success, and by increasing or decreasing the investment amount considering their strengths, you can maximize profitability and minimize risk using the least amount of time to make decisions.

Therefore, 4CastMachine helps you determine the amount of investment for each one of your trades.

If you have experience analyzing the market and real trading, you would definitely have been upset several times that you had closed a hundred pip trade very soon just with some little ten pips or that you had not closed a good profitable trade before changing the market direction, so there is no other way except closing it with a zero profit or even with a loss! Both of the above faults are due to your lack of knowledge regarding the proper exit strategy. The true exit strategy depends, and only depends, on the trend state or range bound market!
But from now, you can easily diagnose the trend state or range bound market by observing the numerical strength of each chart and you will have the maximum scientific profit. Therefore, 4CastMachine helps you find proper Entering/Exiting Strategies for each chart.

Do you know that support and resistance lines are not actually lines and that it is more scientific if we call them support/resistance areas? But how much is their thickness and where are their starting points? Undoubtedly you know that the Support and Resistance lines are the strongest and the most applicable elements of technical analysis and are used in all kinds of strategies, particularly those based on Range Bound Strategies. But do you know that the strength of each of these lines is different? In fact, the stronger the line (area) the more probability of price reversing when touching the line.
For the first time, 4CastMachine not only calculates the strongest point of a resistance/support area precisely but can show you its strength. Therefore, by knowing the strength of ahead support and resistance lines you can have more scientific decisions for all kinds of trading strategies!