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How to use “Intraday Forecasts”

If you would like to trade in the next 24 hours, the intraday forecasts of Forecast City will show you the most accurate and the most likely actions and swings of the market. Our intraday forecasts are available before those of all the other sites. Our intraday forecasts are available very early in the day. It is one of Forecast City’s glorious and positive qualities. This quality has made us the first forecaster that forecast tomorrow for you!Definitely, you know that if the direction of your trading is correct, the probability of taking profit will be very high even though there are some errors in selecting the other elements of trading. Therefore, the strongest direction of the market movement has a great effect on your success or failure even if you are using another strategy.

Showing the strongest direction of the market movement for tomorrow is the most important part of this section. We are happy that we have been able to declare the direction of the biggest waves of the market correctly 80% of the time. In the 20% of the time when the market moves against the first forecasted direction because of unexpected economic news, one can use the advanced strategy of Stop & Reverse to produce a profit by its precise calculations which omits the losses of past trades from your report card, so in the end you will have a total of zero for profits and losses.

Briefly, the Forecast City intraday forecasts includes the most powerful market analysis methods and several beautiful trading strategies are selected and edited in a way that can produce the maximum profit 80% of the time or compensate the losses of the first trades 20% of the time by reversed trades.The aim of presenting intraday forecasts is to represent the most important direction of market movement and to calculate the strongest support and resistance areas considering the direction and power of market trend and the trading opportunities in next 24 hours. But it is by no means our advice to trade. Our emphatic advice is to trade only on the days permitted based on the weekly forecasts and daily trading opportunities.

As you know, Support and Resistance lines are the strongest and the most applicable elements of technical analysis and are used in all strategies, generally for entering and exiting from the market. The support and resistance lines presented in our intraday forecasts are unique ones which are analyzed and calculated considering the direction and power of the market and trading opportunities in the next 24 hours. These are totally different from usual lines which are calculated by simple formulas (pivots) and used by others. Therefore, the support and resistance lines of Forecast City intraday forecasts are much more beneficial and applicable than usual technical lines.

Our intraday forecasts for the 9 favorite currency pairs have been provided regularly up to now and we will be adding 20 currency pairs, precious metals, indicators, etc… in the near future. The images of all these forecasts have been saved as documentary evidence; therefore, we are proud of being the only forecaster whose defensible report card consists of more than 12,000 images presented to all clients.Support and Resistance lines are one of the first and most important elements of technical analysis which exists in all books and training classes. When you look at one chart in the past, you may be able to draw it easily; but do you think forecasting their future positions is also so easy?

Free Intraday Indicator for Meta Trader platform is one of our unique services. By this indicator, the intraday forecasts is represented on your Meta Trader chart as soon as it is published on the web site. Although, based on weekly forecasts and daily trading opportunities, trading only takes place on some days considering intraday forecasts, but presenting the forecasts of all past days on your chart offers a beautiful and quick report of these forecasts’ accuracy and efficiency.

The intraday forecasts are represented in 1 hour time frame with all important technical lines such as support and resistance lines, trends, Fibonacci levels, divergences and convergences, and RSI indicator analysis, so educationally they are very beneficial and applicable to many trading situations.

Randomly, we present one of intraday forecasts freely every day for everybody and we send the other forecasts to the archive section after one day; hence, all clients can study them in addition to more than 12,000 other forecasts.