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What is Intraday Forecasts Service 

The Intraday forecast service is a service that helps you trading in the next 24 hours.
The intraday forecasts of ForecastCity will show you the most accurate and the most likely movements and swings of the market. 
One of our advantages is that the Intraday Forecast service is available before all the same websites and in the first hours of the day. That makes ForecastCity the first forecast provider that forecasts tomorrow.
The most important part of this service is showing the more definite direction of market movement.
Briefly, the Intraday Forecast service includes the most potent market technical analysis and the combination of trading strategies in a way that can produce the maximum profit 80% of the time or compensate for the loss in 20% of the time by reversed trades.
This service's accuracy is more than 80%, which means in 80% of days, we correctly announce the direction of market movement. 
This service fails in 20% of days due to unexpected economic news.
We cover it by profit earned from the advances Stop & Reverse strategy. And the result would be no loss at all.  
We provided the intraday forecast service for nine popular FOREX pairs since 2007.  And we hope to extend this service to at least twenty more FOREX, commodities, and crypto pairs.  



We saved the image of all the previous forecasts for authentication. So we are proud to have more than twelve thousand images of intraday forecasts available to the public, to be the only forecast provider with a defensible record.  

Intraday Indicator  

Another of ForecastCity's unique services is the "Intraday Indicator" for the MetaTrader trading platform. 
With the help of Intraday Indicator, intraday forecasts display on your MetaTrader charts as soon as we publish them on the website. 
Trading based on the intraday forecasts service is allowed only on certain days, considering the "Weekly Forecasts" and "Daily Trading Opportunities" services.
However, the intraday indicator shows the latest intraday forecasts and the old ones on your chart. And it would be a fast and beautiful record to help you see the accuracy and efficiency of intraday forecasts by yourself. 

Sample Free forecasts 

Randomly, we present one of the intraday forecasts free of charge every day to the public. We mark them with the keyword "FREE" next to the name of the symbol.  
You can see free intraday forecasts on the latest intraday forecast page. Also, all the previous intraday forecasts are accessible on this page. 

Educational content 

We provide the intraday forecasts regularly for nine popular Forex pairs. 
And we publish them in a 1-hour time frame (H1) along with all essential technical lines such as support and resistance, trends, Fibonacci levels, divergence, and convergence lines, and RSI indicator analysis, therefore, they are beneficial and practical from the training view. 

The technical analysis essential bases; 

Support and Resistance 

As you know, support and resistance lines are the strongest and most widely used technical analysis elements. 
In most trading strategies, they are used to enter or exit the market. 
But you should know that the support and resistance lines presented in our intraday forecasts service are unique lines.  
The lines are analyzed and calculated according to the direction and strength of the market trend and Daily Trading Opportunities.  
Predicting support and resistance lines
Support and resistance lines are among the first and most essential elements of technical analysis.
Any analyst sees them by looking at the chart. But the question is that if they can predict the future location of these lines?
Therefore, all support and resistance lines offered in this service are significantly different from the typical support and resistance lines that are used by others calculated by simple formulas such as (Pivots). Therefore, the support and resistance lines of Forecast City intraday forecasts are much more beneficial and applicable than usual technical lines. 
Importance of mar​ket direction
You know that if your trading direction is correct, even if you make a mistake in the other elements of a trade, you are still likely to make a profit. Also, if your trading direction is not correct, catastrophic results will be waiting for you.
So even if you use trading strategies other than what we recommend, identifying the most definite market move will have a significant impact on your success.


We archive intraday forecasts one day after release time. Subscribers can study this archive in addition to more than 12,000 other intraday forecasts. 

How to start using Intraday​ Forecasts?

Go to the main menu intraday and start reading all the pages in the submenu start reading with The Principles of Intraday Forecasts.

Can I use intraday fo​recasts as a trading signal?

The answer is no. The intraday forecast service is not the same as the signal service. 
The purpose of providing intraday forecasts is to show the most important market movement direction and calculate the strongest points of support and resistance according to the direction and strength of market trends and trading opportunities in the next 24 hours.
Our purpose in providing intraday forecasts is by no means to advise you to trade. And our strong recommendation is to trade only on days when the weekly forecasts and daily trading opportunities support the intraday forecasts idea.