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We always leave part of our investment without specifying a take-profit point. This way, if the trend goes beyond over the last take-profit point, more profit might still be possible for us. Last take-profit point is usually where a strong support or resistance level exists and it's unlikely expected for the trend to pass over it. Yet, in probability world of financial markets, any event is probable.


Indicator is not restricted to account type and broker, so whether it is Demo or Real, or with any broker, you can attach it to the chart of MT4.
Account number is the only required info, which indicator needs.

Indicators are refreshed by market ticks (which is new symbol quotes received by platform).
So, when the market is closed during weekends, no new incoming tick is received, you must manually refresh the chart by selecting Refresh when you right-click on the desired chart.
Meanwhile you can close the platform and run it again or reload current profile.

As there may be some bugs in the release version, indicator developers name the version as Beta, after some period of testing and feedback from clients, bugs will be fixed and then the stable version will be released.

Currently we provide our Indicator for MetaTrader 4, the Indicator calls some of Windows DLL functions to get forecasts, so you will need Windows XP or higher.

Currently MetaTrader 4, build numbers above 509 is supported. If your platform build is old, you can download the latest build through your broker website.
The build of platform is located in About item of Help menu.


Frequently Asked Questions for Beginners.

No, our clients do all their trading through their own broker.
We just charge a very reasonable monthly subscription fee and don't recieve any money from our clients.
We teach them how to trade for themselves.

All you need is an internet connection in the beginning.
If you're a beginner in FX Market, we would suggest starting with zero - that's right, nothing. You can learn and improve with a 'Demo' account before you risk any actual money. You need to learn at least the basics before you even think about throwing money at a trading account. However, Mini accounts can be set up for as little as $300 or even $5, it depends on your broker choice.

If you can use a calculator you're ok.

No, currency trading is highly leveraged (usually at least 50:1). So, being too aggressive is not a useful characteristic. In fact, it is better to be calm and steady.

This depends on your trading strategy and methodology.
With many strategies you have to watch your screen all day.
But with our Trend Hunter Strategy, you can spend a lot less time and still be very profitable.
At maximum, you need 30 minutes per day.

Definitely you do not need any financial experience to be successful at currency trading.

There is no limitation in this market. The only thing that prevents you from developing in this market is being unsteady, lack of discipline, and being inexperienced with a low amount of knowledge. Therefore, we recommend firstly learn and then you yourself will see how much you can earn.

Trading in a leveraged product like Forex cannot be described as low-risk. By operating proper risk management rules, this is a medium-risk/very-high-return business.

To make it very simplified, we like to gradually build large positions on major trends. We believe this is the best way to do really well financially from Forex trading whilst controlling risk.

You have to pay your broker commission when you trade. The amount varies according to your broker, however it is almost always a percentage commission rather than a flat rate.

We try to stay as unbiased as possible by not recommending specific brokers. This is the best for "Forecast City".
However, considering that every trader has his/her own approach and trading style, one broker might be proper for one person but not another.

Forecast City has prepared a special section to simplify your broker slecetion process:

1Firstly, you should familiarize yourself with the most important points for selecting a broker through the article “10 main points to select the best broker!

2Next, by using the broker comparing software you can simply select the number of brokers you wish to try out and review them. The broker comparing software enables you to see all the main important points and services regarding their facilities at the same time and compare them in a simple and quick way with confidence.


If you have paid through PayPal, simply find the last payment to "Forecast City" at your PayPal profile, then cancel the recurring payment.

To set a new password:

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Dates and times throughout this site will be displayed using this time zone.
During registration, your time zone setting will be automatically detected if possible, but you may also select your desired time zone in 'Locale settings'.
Anyway if you need to change it, please browse to your account, then click 'Edit'.
You will find your selected time zone under 'Locale settings', select desired time zone, and click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

No, your email address shall not be disclosed to anyone. Your user name and avatar picture are the only visible information.